Euroameri-Car: Fastest delivery with most competitive prices
Euroameri-Car guarantees fastest automotive parts delivery to our customers with most competitive prices in domestic market. When a specific part customers are looking for is in stock at our Inchon Distribution Center, it will be shipped and delivered to our customers within two business days. In case of out of stock, the parts will be shipped and arrived to Inchon Airport within three-business days through our ¡°Overnight Delivery Program ¡± or one-week through ¡°Express Delivery Program.¡±

Euroameri-Car: Customers always come first?

With its business policy, ¡°Customer-oriented Management,¡± Euroameri-Car always tries to consider customers¡¯ needs first. Based on its experienced staff and innovative systems, Euroameri-Car help our customers to make best choice to purchase imported automotives & parts by providing customers¡¯ inquiries with detailed information. Euroameri-Car always considers what should be done for fulfilling our customers¡¯ needs and how to efficiently handle them for our customers¡¯ benefits.

It is also our primary concern that we should always respect customers¡¯ rights to select right products and price at right time. To do so, Euroameri-Car believes that our know-how, skills, expertise and experience are always shared with our customers whenever they need it. Euroameri-Car makes recommendations for our customers whenever they want, but it is always the customers who make the final and best choices considering their own situations.

Euroameri-Car: Never say ¡°No¡± to our customers
Just say it, and then Euroameri-Car will do it for our customers. Even when customers need specific parts Euroameri-Car is not currently carrying, we put our best efforts to deliver the parts to our customers. While working for our customers, there is nothing trivial to Euroameri-Car; we are very serious about all our customers¡¯ requests. If our customers do not want the products they purchased by mistake or any other reasons, just return the products within 7 days with the original package; Euroameri-Car guarantees 100% refund the products without any questions asked to the customers. No hassle ? just say refund or exchange; Euroameri-Car never says ¡°No¡± to our customers.

Euroameri-Car: ¡°Peace of Mind¡± to our customers?
Euroameri-Car is reliable and credible to our customers who try to purchase imported automotives. For our automotives customers, Euroameri- Car only imports automotives launched within 3 years old models with thorough mechanical and body inspection through our service centers, ¡°SECOND TO NONE¡± and ¡°MAC BODY SHOP,¡± in the U.S. To secure ¡°peace of mind¡± for our automotives customers, Euroameri-Car provides every automotives sold under our sales channel with a warranty program on power train parts such as engine, transmission, clutch, etc. In addition, all other parts required for the automotives sold by Euroameri-Car are provided our customers at any time with 15%~20% discounted rates. Euroameri-Car always tries not to forget our responsibilities to customers.?
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